CrossPath is now printed in house!
Meaning designs are as personalised as they get.
Bringing variety to the prints and garments.

Custom printing for brands, businesses and individuals is starting!

MEDIUM-HEAVY TEES ARE OUT! For those who stand with the brand and what CrossPath means.

Launch party at GOLDDUBSSTORE is COMING. Big plans and executing those plans are happening as we speak. CrossPath short film being the main topic!

Collabs with 3 different brands are in the design stage.
Its not how big we are, It’s what we do and who we are.

Reach out either in the contact banner or on socials if you want to see the full collection that isn’t online.

The first COMMUNITY BASKETBALL 3v3 at SCARBOROUGH went PERFECT! This will be becoming a monthly/semi-monthly event!

This is about having fun and meeting great people. All skill levels are welcome. Hope to see lots of new faces and familiar faces. See you all there representing the brand.

Become a part of the community Crossing the Path between handmade art and clothing.

Cross onto your new Path.