How it started

I've done art my whole life but started taking it seriously early 2021, during lockdown. From then I taught myself new techniques and did drawings for athletes, as well as brands. I was happy with the pieces but wasn't feeling I was getting the type of attention I was after. While still in school at this time I struggled with bullying, so it was hard for me to push my art any further. At the start of year 12 I did art for the first time and showed my teacher a drawing of my dog I was working on. She told me not to leave her class so she could teach me. 

Ironically, I left school all together the next day due to my mental health and not learning what was necessary for me. It was a big decision I never thought I would take but turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. I held two jobs for a year while continuing to develop my art skills. My first commission was then done and got paid double what was asked. I now have the one job while building this brand.   

After new approaches at art, I got a suggestion to do clothing. I found Australian and sustainable suppliers/printers and put hours into research and design. I came up with the name CrossPath and brought meaning to it with my own experiences. To start a community of people who have the courage to Cross onto their new Path in life. To do something they thought they wouldn't.

Become part of the community and pick your Path.



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