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BEHIND THE ART: during this time, every drawing I did was a wakeboarding drawing. This was one the first times I added a background and gave the effect of his movement/doing a flip. This paved the way for the design ‘Splash’. 
I used just pencil, eraser and a paper smoother. At first I did not like this drawing. I was chasing ultra realism and didn’t realise this drawing had its own style did what it needed to do. Give the effect of movement and making the clothing have a flow and feel to them. Easily the best shorts I’ve ever drawn. 

Hope you all like this drawing as much as I do. Or more. That you’ll be the one to wear it on your back and represent the CrossPath logo on your chest.

Perfect for any occasion. Wear to level up your gym style, go for a skate or just a trip to the shops. 

Tall T-shirt made with lightweight and breathable 100% cotton. Wide, dropped shoulder with roomy sleeves. 

Great, durable prints done with digital printing by Australians.



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